Karolina Rosina

Karolina Rosina is a publisher, designer and author living in Berlin, a city which she envisions as an ocean. Back in 2016, together with her Co-Founder Nils Kraiczy she started a publishing company, The Gentle Temper. Just three months after founding the company, they both quit their jobs and went all in — let’s hear the story!

Photography by Fidelis Fuchs

What was the main trigger behind starting a publishing company?

Actually, the initial idea was not to start a publishing company at all. In fact, we started with a book and our main project back then, called "Take Me to the Lakes". We sat down together and discussed how we wanted to be in full control of the book creation process — from concept to the first copy, from printing to distribution. Five years later, our first project turned into successful book series and now we run our own publishing company.

How has Berlin influenced your creative work?

Strongly! For me, it’s always great to measure the quality of my creative work against the work of others. Comparison means you have to continuously work on yourself. It’s a healthy competition, I’d say.

What makes this city so special for you?

For me, the city is an ocean with lots of boats, yet Berlin is not my harbor per se. I think many people living here have a similar feeling. Somehow Berlin is never meant to be the final stop in one's life or career — it’s an open ocean and I am convinced my harbor will be somewhere else.

Photography by Fidelis Fuchs
Photography by Fidelis Fuchs

Do you still remember your first encounter with Berlin and has it changed a lot since then?

My first encounter with the city was in 2008. I arrived in the city with my boyfriend, who is now my husband as we had plans to study in Berlin. The sun was shining, there were people everywhere outside — it was love at first sight. I still relive that same feeling every time summer comes around.

Is there a person, a project or an area of the city that makes it a better place for you?

It’s so good to see my sister Margarete Schellong together with Elisa Gassner start a meditation studio ŌHIA, a center for modern spirituality focused on meditation. Also, a friend of mine Steffi started a ceramic studio, called Clai Studios. I love seeing the accuracy she works with as a former architect and now a pottery master.

Last but not least, do you have a favorite WAA Podcast episode?

I really liked the energy of Delphine Mousseau (E.02). You can hear about the experiences she’s lived through and how much wisdom she has to offer. Claire Davidson (E.17) spoke about branding which for me was really interesting as we just launched the new brand identity of The Gentle Temper. The episode with Kelley Franklin (E.03) also gave an interesting insight into how Berlin mixed with New York would feel like. Her energy was amazing!

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