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Woman Authors of Achievement


On the Women Authors of Achievement Podcast, we hear from some of the most successful women of our time about the ebbs and flows of their personal and professional lives. Host Daria Suvorova takes listeners to discover and learn from the inspirations and obstacles these remarkable women faced to get to where they are today.



E.93Jul 04 2024

Harvesting green gold with Julia Winkels (Live Podcast)


With this episode all roads are leading to Torstraße here in Berlin. Julia Winkels shares some great insights into cultural marketing with her renowned agency BOLD, and talks about the most hyped match brand of Germany - Matchasome which she founded back in 2022 with Nina Bröer! This conversation is all about harvesting green gold, building timely brands, and how Julia turned her passion for matcha into a successful brand and a business success story that Berlin has been craving for a long time.

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E.92Jun 06 2024

Unveiling the power of African Botanicals with Nana Addison (Live Podcast)


Who are the "forgotten" beauty customers and what is hair and scalp neutrality? Let's decode in today's episode. Founded by Nana Addison, Ancient Beauty is more than just another beauty brand. As the mainstream hair care brands overlook diverse hair textures and scalp conditions, Nana advocates for inclusivity and recognition of all beauty customers. Nana shared her impressive founder journey, the economic and agricultural impact of African Beauty, the importance of indigenous botanical ingredients from baobab to kigelia. We also learn about tiger nuts! Get ready to unlock the secrets of African botanicals and hear the story from one of Europe's most influential women in the Startup and Venture Capital Space.

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E.91May 14 2024

Learning to pursue things one loves and embracing personal freedom with Miriam Wohlfarth (Live Podcast)


We had a privilege to sit down with Miriam Wohlfarth, one of the first female fintech founders in Germany and a pioneering figure in the fintech industry. From her humble beginnings in the travel industry to co-founding RatePAY and later Banxware, Miriam has played a pivotal role in shaping the digital payment landscape in Europe. With nearly two decades of experience in online payments and fintech, Miriam shares great insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today. In this episode, Miriam shares her thoughts on the looming shortage of skilled workers and her strategy on attracting top talent. We explore her involvement in advisory roles and volunteer work, and her commitment to giving back and making a positive impact.

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