Korbinian Glacier

Korbinian Glacier is many things. He gets the inspiration for his creativity from within and is not influenced by his surroundings. On most occasions you will probably recognize him on stage behind the drums. You ask us which band he is part of? Well, this time it’s for you to discover!

Photography by Fidelis Fuchs

How would you define Berlin?

The city has evolved into a place of longing for many different needs of very different people. In Berlin you can get rich, in monetary wealth, experiences or possibilities. But you can also easily fall off the track and be exploited by trying. You can see and feel that it is a city steeped in history, where the story develops strongly around oppressor and victim themes.

Could you share your personal Berlin with me?

Of course. My personal Berlin is very colorful, it’s a mix of different cultures that are very close to one another. But I also see Berlin as a place that is very isolated and private, where people tend to belong to one group and are very careful about mingling with other groups.

Photography by Fidelis Fuchs
Photography by Fidelis Fuchs

I am curious to know, who is your Woman Author of Achievement?

I have a lot of respect for people who deal with struggles. I think it is important to look up to very successful women, but I tend to also pay attention to individuals who try to escape from difficult circumstances every day, who have to deal with problems in their environment, and who experience violence or who are in financial difficulties. So what I am trying to convey is that there are a lot of women who are not in the spotlight even though they are authors of their own achievements in their individual surroundings.

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