Luise and Victor

Luise and Victor are siblings and creatives from Random Access Studios. Their most recent venture is Raaago, an app that is like a good friend guiding you through Berlin. After launching in 2020 they were off to a rough start due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but have since then found their way. Read on to find out all about their story.

Photography by Fidelis Fuchs

What makes Berlin such a unique place?

Berlin has this spirit, where you know that a goodbye is not for long. We’ve had some of our friends move away, but we know this is the place they will come back to eventually. Once a Berliner, always a Berliner!

Tell me, how did it all start with Raaago?

We are lucky to have a really stable base here in Berlin. We have a big friend circle and a good network, which made it a bit easier for us to kick-start this idea. The Raaago app is like a good friend ... no, more like a good, local friend who is recommending the best things in Berlin. We wanted to help people be in the moment and find exactly what they’re looking for with ease. When we were ready to launch the app, March 2020 came around, which was a big down point for us as our main audience were tourists. Luckily, people still explored Berlin and the local community also had a desire to understand their surroundings more. Our target group ended up changing throughout the pandemic and becoming more local.

And then you topped it off with some good wine!

We actually wanted to create physical products, like travel essentials, but there was no traveling going on at that time. We had to adjust, once again. I was traveling through Austria and met this winemaker. I realized that I want to grasp wine production — the process of natural winemaking, filling, packaging and marketing. So we had this thought — why not let the winemaker produce his wine and we can take care of the rest. The winemaker we were working with was super open-minded to a new project, which is how we started off. It’s just such a nice combination of a high-quality product, good design and branding.

Photography by Fidelis Fuchs
Photography by Fidelis Fuchs

Let’s talk about your women role models. Who is on your mind and why?

Luise: I admire women who truly go their own way and speak the truth, who break free from other expectations. For me, it’s not about the toughness, more about women who are connected to themselves and who are empowering other women. I really admire the German singer and songwriter Mogli, the way she portrays herself by showing vulnerability and speaking up about important social issues. Victor: In politics there are very powerful women and Angela Merkel is the one I thought of. I respect her and her long-standing power. She has been in her position for 16 years, and was the first woman chancellor to remain in this position for so long. She is definitely an author of her own achievement.

Do you have a favorite episode on the WAA Podcast?

Luise: For me, it’s the one with Gülsah Wilke (E.12). I remember a sentence where she said that it’s very important to plant the right seed at a young age, around elementary school time. She had a teacher who understood her, saw her potential and encouraged her ambitions. This story really touched me. I also admire how Gülsah encourages decision makers to consider more women for leadership positions or as board members. Victor: I picked the one with Claire Davidson (E.17) as I was very much intrigued by the core topic of branding. It was interesting to listen to a different perspective on how branding should be approached and this gave me some food for thought.

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