An Evening with Annabelle Mandeng

Hosted by our founder, Daria Suvorova, the episode, which took place inside the packed but cozy setting of the Soho House members bar, unfolded into an intimate exploration of the life journey of the talented actress.

“It’s not that I need to change, but rather that the market needs to have more possibilities and opportunities where I fit in. It has taught me to be more patient.”

Renowned for her multifaceted skills as an actress, presenter, voice-over artist, and author, Annabelle delved into the rich tapestry of her multicultural upbringing across Germany, Togo, and Pakistan. In addition to her successful acting career, Annabelle Mandeng is known for her work as a television presenter and as an acclaimed voice actor, who has now also ventured into entrepreneurship.

Throughout the intimate evening, Annabelle opened up about her remarkable journey, from a multicultural upbringing, to an accident that changed her life, to the impending challenges the voiceover industry now faces. She also gives advice on how to harness your impatience and embrace those sudden impulses that could indeed change your life.

“I was the first black German presenter on German television. I pushed open some of the doors where the new generation can now walk through."

The conversation delivered a dose of inspiration as Annabelle shared anecdotes, revealing how her diverse heritage has been intricately woven into her unique perspective and steered her along her professional path.

The energy of the evening itself was electrifying. Set in the intimate interior of the Soho House private bar, an emotionally connected audience laughed, gasped and raised a glass at the twist and turns of Annabelle’s remarkable story, empowered in unity together.

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