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Woman Authors of Achievement


On the Women Authors of Achievement Podcast, we hear from some of the most successful women of our time about the ebbs and flows of their personal and professional lives. Host Daria Suvorova takes listeners to discover and learn from the inspirations and obstacles these remarkable women faced to get to where they are today.



E.89Apr 02 2024

Awakening for change with Susann Sitte and Birgit Amelung (Live Podcast)


Today, we dive into the theme of "Awakening for Change" with Birgit Amelung and Susann Sitte, founders of The HER KLUB, joined by a live audience at a gorgeous venue of Princip members club here at Hotel Telegraphenamt in Berlin. As we embrace the arrival of Spring, Birgit and Susann lead us through reflections on pivotal moments in their lives. They share experiences of leaving toxic environments, navigating personal healing, and integrating spiritual practices into their daily lives. From Susann's journey following the sudden loss of her mother to Birgit's spiritual exploration, their stories inspire self-discovery.

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E.88Mar 19 2024

Exploring the significance of Berlin State Opera in the modern world with Anja Gossens (Live Podcast)


We recorded a live episode at the iconic Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden, as we delve into the world of opera and culture with Anja Gossens, the Head of Development. The Berlin State Opera holds a rich cultural heritage, dating back to its founding in the 18th century. Seated in the heart of Berlin, this institution has been a beacon of artistic excellence, captivating audiences with its breathtaking performances for centuries. Anja is a trailblazer in the world of arts and culture, and throughout our conversation with Anja, we'll depict the intersection of art, culture, and society.

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E.87Mar 05 2024

Discovering Mexico City's journey to becoming the World Design Capital with Andrea Cesarman


Another episode which we recorded straight from Mexico City with Andrea Cesarman – a visionary in the world of design, an interior architect with over 30 years of experience, and a key advocate for Mexican design and creativity. as of 2009 Andrea serves as the Director of Design Week México, the annual event that serves as a platform for showcasing the talents of Mexican designers, promoting design trends within the country, and bringing together the creative minds that drive innovation. Thanks to her remarkable leadership, Mexico was designated as the World Design Capital in 2018, the first in the Americas, On this episode we're going to delve into the world of design in Mexico, it's rich history, its evolution, and the incredible potential it holds.

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