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E.65Mar 21 2023

Building financial independence as an artist with Johanna Keimeyer


Our guest today Johanna Keimeyer is a multimedia artist who creates immersive experiences. This can take the form of large scale art installations where she works with video, light, objects, scent and sound. She invites the audience to explore deeper questions about identity and the core fundamental values that make us human. David Bowie, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol - just a few of the names in her Iconic Portraits series where Johanna slips into the shoes of icons like these. As you explore the series you get to ask yourself: What role do I play, what is my true identity and what masks people are hiding behind? Today we speak about Johanna’s mission as an artist, which emotions she tries to evoke in people and how she manages to build financially sustainable life as a creative. If you enjoyed today's episode make sure to rate it on Spotify, leave a review on Apple Podcasts or share it with a friend.

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E.64Mar 07 2023

E.64 On fair trade, social impact and Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation with Aileen Puhlmann


You probably heard of the Lemonaid and ChariTea before, delicious soft drinks that contain only organic ingredients that also support fair trade. The project was born in the bohemian district of Hamburg called St. Pauli with the intention to change the world drink by drink. Beyond fair trade, every bottle purchased supports the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation which is managed by our guest today Aileen Puhlmann. Today Aileen shares her story as we speak about identity forming experiences and what it means for her to support the underdog. We talk about her recent trip to Rwanda and learn about projects that Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation support.

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E.63Feb 21 2023

Breaking the stigma around burnout and mental health with Alexandra Bondi de Antoni


Alexandra Bondi de Antoni is a writer, director and occasional photographer born in Vienna and based in Berlin. She is the former editor of I-D Germany and former Executive Editor at VOGUE Germany where she was in charge of all things digital. Today she gets to explore the intersection between social political issues, pop culture and fashion in her freelance life. In this episode we speak about her late grandmother Gerti and how her sense for fashion made an influence on Alexa’s decision to explore her career in the fashion industry. We also get to speak about Alexa's burnout experience, a very challenging period in her life where we get to reflect on that time period in this conversation. We wrap up this interview with an outlook on what the future has in store for Alexa.

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E.62Feb 07 2023

Writing the stories of ‘People of Deutschland’ with Martina Rink


Our guest today, Martina Rink, grew up between Germany and the UK. She landed her first job as a personal assistant of the late Isabella Blow, a legendary English muse, stylist and magazine editor. After Blow's death in 2007, Martina released a coffee table book portraying the impact of her mentor on the fashion industry. Fast forward to today, Martina is releasing her fourth book called People of Deutschland. For Martina this publication is much more than just a book. It covers the controversial subject of racism in Germany, where 45 people get to share their experiences that deal with pain and rejection but also with assertiveness and civil courage. Hear this interview with Martina. And if you think someone should hear this conversation, make sure to share the episode with them.

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E.61Jan 24 2023

Michelberger hotel and Berlin in the late 90’s – experiencing the zeitgeist with Nadine Michelberger


From the start Nadine Michelberger together with her co-founder and husband Tom, wanted to create the first hotel in Berlin which replaced the typical lobby, with an open space that invites guests and visitors for encounters. This idea was born back in 2003. As years went by, the hotel has evolved as well. Today the Michelberger team is running the renowned restaurant Ora, they are producing the most sought after coconut water the 'Fountain of Youth', and are practicing regenerative agriculture at their Farm in Spreewald. Today I asked Nadine about Berlin in the late 90’s, how the idea of Michelberger came to be, and why we see more and more restaurants in Berlin working with local producers and farmers from the Brandenburg area.

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