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Woman Authors of Achievement


On the Women Authors of Achievement Podcast, we hear from some of the most successful women of our time about the ebbs and flows of their personal and professional lives. Host Daria Suvorova takes listeners to discover and learn from the inspirations and obstacles these remarkable women faced to get to where they are today.



E.83Nov 28 2023

Celebrating the most powerful women in business with Selma Stern


Selma Stern currently serves as the Chief Customer Officer at Fortune, a legendary name in the world of business journalism. In her role, Selma is at the forefront of driving digital transformation and overseeing the subscription and newsletter business. Today, Selma talks about her Bosnian-German upbringing, her unique life path, fueled by ambition and adaptation and Fortune's secrets to success behind subscriber retention and business growth. We will speak about the renowned annual list of the "Most Powerful Women in Business” that showcases and celebrates the achievements and influence of women. And let’s hear from Selma what is the evolving impact of this prestigious list!

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E.82Nov 14 2023

Building a sustainable future with the help of Artificial Intelligence with Lucile Bonnin


Lucile Bonnin currently serves as the Head of Research & Development at Cambrium, a company focused on sustainable innovation through molecular design and precision fermentation. As a R&D professional, Lucile's expertise lies in chemistry, predictive analytics, innovation strategy and materials development. In our conversation, we'll explore Lucile's journey to becoming a scientist and how the "informed naivety" approach, as she calls it, has been her weapon against impostor syndrome. We also learn about the groundbreaking events in science back in 2020 that changed the direction of Lucile’s life. Of course, we also didn’t forget to talk about Artificial Intelligence and the role of AI in enabling protein design.

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E.81Oct 31 2023

Exploring hottest trends and communication strategies for brands with Anna Jona Koch (Live Podcast)


Today we speak to a growth strategist, founder and managing director of the consulting company JK Access, Anna Jona Koch. With 15 years of experience in communication and business development in the leading media and lifestyle brand companies such as Philipp Plein, ELLE and the German Football Association, Jona has a lot to tell. In this episode, she shares her take on what is the best investment a brand can make when it comes to their communication strategy. Jona reveals how brands can combine storytelling with business objectives to create a profound impact on culture and company revenue. Last but not least, we brush up on her early exposure to political dynamics, her unique approach to networking and deep connection to football.

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