Woman Authors of Achievement


E.35Jan 25 2022

E.35 Running a multimillion family business with Angela De Giacomo


A German tax advisor by training, Angela De Giacomo has been building a career well beyond the expected. Until recently she has been running the multimillion Indian-American Bissell Family Office, where she managed family wealth and invested in startups based in India. Today she is the Managing Director of WunderNova, an organization which hosts annual events, here in Berlin, with the most sought after female speakers. In today’s episode I asked Angela about her main learnings from her time working in India and how to invite life-changing encounters into your life.

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E.34Jan 11 2022

How AI helps us live better lives with Nicole Büttner


Today we speak to entrepreneur, economist and tech optimist Nicole Büttner. Nicole is the founder of Merantix Labs, where she is working on solutions to enable companies to unlock the value of Artificial Intelligence across all industries. She believes AI has the potential to create a positive impact on individuals, businesses and society. Where people can rediscover what is the essence of being human in part thanks to Artificial Intelligence. In today’s episode we speak about her political career, Renaissance of Humanity, and how companies can plan and prepare for integrating AI.

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E.33Dec 28 2021

Tackling the climate crisis with Lubomila Jordanova


Lubomila Jordanova is one of the most influential founders in the European GreenTech landscape. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Plan A, a Berlin-based startup developing an end-to-end platform that enables companies to measure, monitor and reduce their environmental footprint. In today's episode we understand the difference between carbon-neutral and climate positive, we learn about the European Green Deal and how Lubomila started her journey on fighting climate change.

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E.32Dec 14 2021

Identity solutions in FinTech with Delia König


Delia König is the Managing Director of the Identity Unit at the FinTech company Solarisbank. Solarisbank is the first Banking-as-a-Service platform with a full banking license that enables B2B services. In today’s episode we break down how to build cutting edge products in banking and why a good KYC process will win you customers. You probably also want to know how to grow into a Managing Director role within 2 years working at a company, let today’s episode reveal the truth.

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E.31Nov 30 2021

Gut microflora & female wellness with Chanyu Xu


"You are what you eat" with these words we are starting Season 2 of Women Authors of Achievement Podcast! Women's health, beauty and wellness is a growing multi-billion market. My guest today Chanyu Xu has 10 years of experience as a startup founder and with her latest venture she is aiming to help working women with everything from gut and skin health to essential vitamins. In today’s episode I asked Chanyu about her secret source of energy as a founder of 5 startups, how we can support our gut microflora and the state of dietary supplements in the European market.

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