A Rendezvous with La Bande Berlin

Experience the world of RDV! In a lush green setting, on a summer afternoon in June 2023, a harmonious brunch organised by La Bande Berlin took place, where La Bande and four other designers came together to host an event that brought together like-minded people to celebrate art & design and foster a sense of community.

RDV, derived from 'rendezvous', perfectly captured the spirit of this authentic gathering, which also featured an interactive marketplace for designers to showcase their stunning designs on a digital platform, to help foster new meaningful connections and collaborations.

To the backdrop of lucius sounds from Johanna, guests were invited to browse unique pieces ranging from fashion to jewelry to design, while enjoying a glass of wine and tucking into homemade tarts from the wonderful Amelie Riech, all in the setting of a uniquely genuine heartwarming atmosphere.

Thank you to the inspiring team at La Bande Berlin who hosted the beautiful event.

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