Embracing change with Birgit Amelung & Susann Sitte

To celebrate International Women's Month in March, we hosted a special live podcast with HER KLUB co-founders, Birgit Amelung and Sussan Sitte, at Berlin’s Prinzip, to dive deep into the concept of "Awakening for Change".

The vision of HER KLUB co-founders and best friends, Birgit and Susann, is clear: to empower women to advocate for themselves while supporting inner growth, connection and visibility.

In a packed room of over 50 WAA Podcast guests at Berlin's lush Princip members club, the conversation was an intimate glimpse into Birgit and Susan's personal journeys as they navigate through life, embracing change and what life throws at them as best they can.

“Take a moment of silence and connect with yourself and you'll find everything you need; the answer will come intuitively."

For nearly two decades, Susan and Birgit have worked in traditional corporate environments where their sense of justice often left them feeling insulted and exploited, until profound life events reshaped their sense of self and revealed their innate strength and self-worth. This awakening led to a determination to empower not only herself, but also other women, to help others break out of corporate structures and embrace entrepreneurship as a means of promoting change.

From Susann's journey after the sudden loss of her mother to Birgit's spiritual exploration, their stories serve as catalysts for self-discovery, as well as offering insightful tips on how to incorporate spiritual practices into our daily routines for a clearer and stronger mind.

"Awakening for change means being conscious and aware that change is a beautiful thing.”

The conversation flowed naturally into how to embrace change, that the essence of life is change, and to not to be afraid of it when it happens. Sharing personal stories of leaving toxic environments and how they navigated their own personal healing journeys, the audience was inspired to reflect and connect with their own experiences and what might be in store for our own futures. 

As the event drew to a close, one lucky WAA Podcast guest received a gift bag filled with Lego Creator, and the evening continued with networking between inspiring women. A huge thank you again to the Princip for sharing their beautiful space with us, to our own Birgit and Susann for sharing such personal moments with the room, and of course to our dear fans and listeners who always make these live events so special.

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