E.30Nov 16 2021

Making the future tangible through design with Shruti Ramiah


Shruti Ramiah is an interaction designer and design researcher. As the Head of Design at Zalando, she leads a team called The Studio that focuses on making the near future tangible through design. Prior to Zalando, Shruti led user research and product design at N26, worked in strategic design consulting with IDEO and did UX design for Nokia. In this episode you will learn how to run a proper design research, how to form collaborative work around product design and how to build products that appeal to a wide range of customers. Don’t want to miss out on the next episode release? Subscribe to the show on waa.berlin.

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E.29Nov 02 2021

Energy-centric coaching with Claudia Lambrichs-Lindenbergh


How do leaders regain their sense of balance and clarity, when they have to face challenges inside rapidly scaling organizations they work at? They talk to Claudia Lambrichs-Lindenbergh who is an energy-centric leadership coach. Claudia applies a holistic approach that combines four energy levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Entrepreneurs, Founders, Investors, and C-level executives need to find the right path towards achieving their personal and business goals. Are you someone on the list? Then listen carefully to the fruitful conversation with Claudia and join the community of like-minded people on instagram page @waa.berlin.

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E.28Oct 19 2021

Challenging fashion’s status quo with Anita Tillmann


Anita Tillmann is one of the very first people to advocate for Berlin to become a widely recognized design and fashion hub. In 2002 she kick-started Premium Group, a trade fair concept that has changed the exhibition landscape forever. In 2005 she put forward a blueprint which set the foundation of the Berlin Fashion Week. Today Anita is once again challenging the status quo and is the leading force behind the very new Frankfurt Fashion Week. This unexpected and bold move we will discuss in today’s episode, along with Anita’s path to becoming one of the most influential people in the German fashion industry. Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or anywhere else where you listen to your podcasts.

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E.27Oct 05 2021

Financial freedom through real estate with Maya Miteva


Real estate is her great passion - whether corporate or private. For the last 20 years, Maya Miteva has worked with the top level decision makers in real estate such as Vonovia, Centerscape and Summit Real Estate. She owns private real estate in various German cities and abroad. The financial security and stability of these investments, give her the freedom to live her dreams. In today's episode we spoke about her latest initiative Happy Immo Club. Maya is on the mission to give women the knowledge and courage to invest in real estate, helping them generate passive income. Check out my conversation with Maya and make sure to subscribe to the show.

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E.26Sep 21 2021

Fighting textile waste with Alina Bassi


Less is more dear listeners. You don't need too many new outfits and follow every single trend out there. This is the motto of my guest Alina Bassi, a chemical engineer who turned entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability. With seven years of experience designing and building factories that turn waste into energy and biofuels, she decided to start her own venture, Kleiderly, to tackle the issue of textile waste. It’s time that we roll up our sleeves and help Alina on her mission to lower the carbon footprint and save tonnes of CO2 emissions. How? Hear today’s conversation. Don’t want to miss out on the next episode release? Subscribe to the show!

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E.25Sep 07 2021

Making mental healthcare accessible with Farina Schurzfeld


Back in 2016 Farina Schurzfeld founded Selfapy, Germany's leading online therapy platform offering effective and immediate support to people dealing with depression, burnout, anxiety and other mental health disorders. From growth expert and business developer to founder and social entrepreneur. Today we discover modern therapy, the benefits of online mental health platforms and how people can face their struggles, seeking professional help timely.

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E.24Aug 24 2021

Scaling organisations in times of change with Noor van Boven


As the former Chief People Officer at N26 and VP People at SoundCloud, Noor has scaled organization during times of extreme growth and constant change. She is globally recognized for her track record in building leaders of tomorrow and high performing teams. Today we speak about her life changing events, career gap years, secrets behind leadership and much much more! This episode is here to portrait a woman who is an author of her own achievements - Noor van Boven.

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E.23Aug 10 2021

Growing a climate-conscious business with Hannah Wickes


Hannah Wickes is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees - brilliant as that! Together with her team she is reinforcing Ecosia’s position as a pioneering social business that has funded planting of more than 125 million trees worldwide. Today we speak about greenwashing, ethical marketing strategy and green-centric business development. If you are still not offsetting your carbon footprint as a business, in this episode Hannah will explain how you can be more climate conscious as a company starting today.

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E.22Jul 27 2021

Democratizing the healthcare industry with Sophie Chung


On a mission to empower patients worldwide, back in 2015 Sophie Chung founded Qunomedical, which stands for accessible healthcare for everyone - no matter who they are and where they are based. Today you will learn about the interplay between Western and Eastern medicine, why travel tourism is perceived negatively and how we as a society can put humanity at the heart of the healthcare industry. For a regular supply of knowledge from some of the most interesting women living in Berlin make sure to subscribe to the podcast.

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E.21Jul 13 2021

Redefining the media industry with Jeannine Koch


In the past three years Jeannine was running the renowned Berlin based conference re:publica that enabled discussions around social transformation, culture, politics and technology. Today she is the CEO of media:net Berlin Brandenburg e.V. – the corporate network of media, creative and digital industries in the capital region. In today's episode we speak about how East German origin influenced Jeannine's approach to life, how networking and events are being reshaped and what the future has in store for Berlin!

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E.20Jun 29 2021

Building a people-centric work culture with Vanessa Stock


Vanessa is the VP of People and a Co-Founder at Pitch which is changing how presentations are crafted and knowledge is shared. Before joining Pitch, she was the HR Director at health startup Clue and also was part of Wunderlist, where she helped hire and built the core team. Vanessa Stock is one of Berlin’s key voices on conversations around leadership, people management and how to build successful distributed teams - and this is just the tip of the Iceberg of today's conversation!

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E.19Jun 15 2021

The power of persuasion with Erin Grueber


Erin joined Google in 2011 as a project manager for the Government Affairs & Public Policy team and some years later Erin found her dream job with the Google for Startups team. She now leads programs for startups in the DACH region, with a strong focus on supporting underrepresented founders. In this episode we speak about making bold decisions in life without looking back and the power of persuasion. Enjoy today's episode with Erin Grueber and make sure to follow us on Instagram @waa.berlin.

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E.18Jun 01 2021

Disrupting the banking industry with Kristina Walcker-Mayer


Kristina is bringing over 11 years of experience to her current role as CEO & CPO at Nuri (formerly Bitwala). After the radical rebranding, Nuri stands for the New Reality Banking, where you can invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Before joining Nuri, Kristina was leading product teams at N26 and Zalando during their hyper-growth stages. In this episode we speak about the new banking narrative, where banks educate customers on making better financial decisions and guide you on how to invest and save for the future. Join me for today's conversation with Kristina Walcker-Mayer and learn about her unique path to becoming one of the most sought after digital leaders in Germany.

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E.17May 25 2021

Making your brand stand out with Claire Davidson


Claire has worked in marketing and branding for 20 years. Whether founding her own e-commerce company Urbanara or working to develop brands for some of Berlin's biggest growth startups such as GetYourGuide and TaxFix, Claire is passionate about brand, entrepreneurship and about driving more women in tech leadership. If you want to learn how to build the right branding strategy for your company then this episode with Claire Davidson is for you. And make sure to subscribe for your weekly supply of knowledge.

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E.16May 18 2021

Investing in doers over strategists with Judith Dada


Previously at Facebook Judith managed European marketing strategy for Amazon and a Venture Capital Initiative. Today she is a General Partner at La Famiglia, a European seed stage venture capital fund investing into B2B technology companies that enable and disrupt large industries. Join me for today's conversation with Judith Dada and learn how to scout best founders and set your investment strategy right for the years to come! And if you enjoyed the episode leave us a review - we love reading those.

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E.15May 11 2021

From Haute couture to sustainability with Claudia Bothe


Claudia knows the fashion industry inside out. She worked with some of the best known designers - Vivienne Westwood, Hussein Chalayan and Isabel Marant. We spoke about Berlin finding its own fashion identity, the future of the industry and where uprising designers should focus on educating themselves before stepping into this vibrant world. Learn why Claudia is focusing on Slow Fashion and Responsible Manufacturing with her very own Berlin based brand La Bande Berlin. And if you enjoyed today's episode, feel free to share your feedback with us via hello@waa.berlin.

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E.14May 04 2021

Tech in the world of sports with Fee Beyer


Today I had the privilege to welcome Fee, a former swimmer and ambitious athlete, who found her unique path by trusting her gut feeling and following her passion for sports, technologies and performance. Fee has more than ten years of experience in scouting and marketing new technologies. In 2017 she founded her own SportsTech company and since then advises sports clubs, coaches and athletes on tech solutions. In today’s episode you will learn everything about SportsTech and which gadgets you can apply in your everyday life to improve sleep, nutrition, injury prevention and performance. Let’s get healthy with Fee Beyer!

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E.13Apr 27 2021

Infusing beauty into your business with Monika Jiang


Monika is the Head of Content and Community at the House of Beautiful Business, a global platform with the aim to make humans more human and business more beautiful. In this episode we spoke about the future of networks of communities and how to sustain emotional intelligence and compassion towards other people in today's world. You will learn how businesses can become creators of their own communities by fostering experiences around the company brand and the rising problem of echo chambers in niche communities. Reimagine the future in this episode with Monika Jiang and make sure to follow our instagram page @waa.berlin.

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E.12Apr 20 2021

The power of having two hearts with Gülsah Wilke


Gülsah is the Head of Portfolio and Operations at Axel Springer, Europe's leading digital publisher active in more than 40 countries. Gülsah speaks with pride about her family heritage as she learned to balance her German and Turkish hearts. She is also the Co-Founder of the Two Hearts Tech Community that empowers talents with a migration background in Germany. In this episode you will learn how to strengthen your leadership position, how to fight for the equal pay gap as a company and individual and why negotiation is king, or queen if you will! Join me for today’s conversation with Gülsah Wilke, a woman who is an author of her own achievements and don’t forget to subscribe!

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E.11Apr 13 2021

CBD & skincare science with Laura Simonow


Laura has always been torn between the world of science and research, and the world of art and creativity. She found her balance as the Co-Founder at “This Place Organics” where she develops functional skin care products that contain CBD and other natural ingredients. She explained the end-to-end process of how she develops each product by researching every single ingredient and finalizing the formulas, to the final packaging and branding.  In this episode you will learn the facts and myths around CBD, how is it different from cannabis and how it can improve mental wellbeing based on numerous research data.

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E.10Apr 06 2021

Becoming an architect of talent with Anna Ott


Anna is the architect of talent and Human Resources influencer with more than two decades of experience in HR. Today Anna is a Vice President of People at HV Capital, one of the leading early and growth stage funds in Europe. She works with over 70 startups helping with organisational design, decisions around when to hire which talent, how to prepare for growth and build a healthy organization. In this episode you will learn how the HR industry evolved in the last years, the HRTech landscape, where should you focus when upskilling yourself and how to make timely decisions in your professional life.

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E.09Mar 30 2021

Mental health & psychedelics with Anne Philippi


Anne’s life story is one of a kind. As a former journalist at Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ she wrote about Hollywood’s glamorous side as she interviewed rock stars and famous actors. Hollywood is a place where “new ideas meet least resistance” and where ghosts still wander along the Sunset Boulevard. In 2019 Anne made a drastic shift in her career and founded the New Health Club, a lifestyle platform for mental wellness and psychedelics. On this episode expect nothing less but a full deep dive into the world of magic mushrooms. Anne and I spoke about the renaissance of psychedelics and how it reinvents modern medicine. Let’s kick off this magical conversation with Anne Philippi and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts.

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E.08Mar 23 2021

Genomics in healthcare with Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks


In today’s episode I got to interview Jewell Sparks, a woman of many virtues and the first scientist joining me in the studio. With the motto “Innovation comes from collaboration” she is scouting startups and building ventures at Bithouse Group and United17 Ventures. We spoke of her journey as a scientist and the importance for scientists to acquire a voice and presence in the world of business. In this episode you will hear Jewell’s take on genomics, what role it plays in healthcare and disease prevention and the significance of inclusive datasets. Join me for today’s conversation with Jewell Sparks and make sure to leave a review!

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E.07Mar 16 2021

Communication in times of crisis with Sigrid Osterrieth


Sigrid worked in a handful of Swedish Embassies across the world, later starting her communications career at trivago and leading Public Relations at companies like Zalando and trafi. Today she is the Senior Director of Communications, Diversity and Inclusion at Delivery Hero, the world's biggest food ordering service that has even bigger plans ahead. In this episode you will learn how to position a company as a market leader, handle communications in times of crisis and become friends with the German media.

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E.06Mar 09 2021

Fostering financial independence with Andrea Fernandez


From Wall Street to Berlin, from Private Banking and Equity Research to founding Alice, a startup that offers education and intuitive tools that guide women towards achieving their saving and investing goals. In today's episode I spoke to Andrea Fernandez about financial literacy and education and why habits will help you create your financial independence. Andrea is on the mission to build tools that are honest, jargon-free and that create equal financial opportunities for all. From this conversation you will learn how you should plan your savings, approach investing and build wealth. So with that, let’s learn how to grow your passion for finance in my conversation with Andrea Fernandez.

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E.05Mar 02 2021

Product managers that excel with Georgie Smallwood


Georgies career has been one of constant hyper-growth. From scaling Australia’s biggest marketplace at REA Group, transforming teams and business models in Hong Kong, then going with a successful IPO with Scout 24 in Germany, and leading the N26 product for over 2 years. Today Georgie is Chief Product Officer at Tier, Europe’s leading provider of micro-mobility with a mission to change mobility for good. In this episode, you will learn how Georgie transforms organizations from early-stage into scalable, global businesses and why she is passionate about working in particular with companies of Series C stage. You will find out what every product manager should have in their toolbox to succeed in their role, as Georgie breaks down the formula behind three types of product managers.

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E.04Feb 23 2021

Entrepreneurship & perfecting your pitch with Gesa Miczaika


How do you transition into Venture Capital, become a Business Angel and start your own Capital Firm? Well, I was lucky to ask my dear guest Gesa Miczaika all those questions and much more. In this episode she explained to me why she prefers investing into startups with sustainable growth over exponential growth, as well as what is her investing strategy for this year. As a board member of the German Startup Association she helps build a more diverse and inclusive founder support foundation. We broke down important steps for the first-time founders and milestones of their founding journey that should never be neglected.

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E.03Feb 16 2021

Growing social media in the music industry with Kelley Franklin


Before calling Berlin her home, Kelley Franklin mingled with the creative scene - artists, musicians and DJs back in New York and London. She is the frontrunner of social media marketing, started her way all the way back in 2010 helping an independent record label build their brand and bootstrapped her own booking agency. In Berlin for two years she was building up social media strategy and brand for banking-tech unicorn N26, one of Germany’s largest startups. Today she is working at Universal Music, this time, the world’s biggest music company, where she leads the international marketing department. In this episode you will get to know the do’s and don'ts of personal branding, where the music industry is heading and why FinTech still has her heart.

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E.02Feb 09 2021

Balancing career & motherhood with Delphine Mousseau


Delphine Mousseau is a non-executive Director at Fnac-Darty, Member Of The Board Of Advisors at Decathlon and Flaconi, she consults companies and a mother of 4 children. Yes, this all is possible with some special insights Delphine shared with me on this episode. As a former Vice President of Markets at Zalando she shared her customer success stories and how to map a market launch. And most importantly why attention to detail is your secret key to results as a leader. Not only is she a fierce supporter of diversity and leads several initiatives to empower women, she is actively helping women become board members of well known companies. Want to learn more about this? Join me for this episode’s conversation with Delphine Mousseau.

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E.01Feb 02 2021

Championing underrepresented communities with Catherine Bischoff


The show is recorded in Germany’s most thriving city Berlin, and for the very first episode I was lucky to have Catherine Bischoff. She has experience working in France, Canada and the United States and yet you would call her a true Berliner as she experienced the city in depth in the last decade. 3 years ago Catherine joined Factory Berlin as a Chief Relationship Officer, where she has been working with founders, investors, academics and other stakeholders to develop programs for Germany’s fast-changing global economy. In this episode you will learn what it means to be a CRO and hear Catherine’s advice on what it takes to become a successful founder.

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