E.61Jan 24 2023

Michelberger hotel and Berlin in the late 90’s – experiencing the zeitgeist with Nadine Michelberger


From the start Nadine Michelberger together with her co-founder and husband Tom, wanted to create the first hotel in Berlin which replaced the typical lobby, with an open space that invites guests and visitors for encounters. This idea was born back in 2003. As years went by, the hotel has evolved as well. Today the Michelberger team is running the renowned restaurant Ora, they are producing the most sought after coconut water the 'Fountain of Youth', and are practicing regenerative agriculture at their Farm in Spreewald. Today I asked Nadine about Berlin in the late 90’s, how the idea of Michelberger came to be, and why we see more and more restaurants in Berlin working with local producers and farmers from the Brandenburg area.

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