Connecting with Women Role Models from Mexico

We're super excited to share a special chapter from our book - a dream come true and the show’s first, as we took our podcast on the road to Mexico!

“Craftsmanship in Mexico and around the world is important not only as a cultural expression, but also as a source of income for many.”

First up saw us in the company of Melissa Avila, a multidisciplinary artist from Tijuana. Founder of M.A. Studios, whose roots lay in the traditions of native beliefs and local knowledge. Her keen interest in fostering relationships has given her the tools to expand creatively, whilst grounding her approach in local knowledge and collaborative methods.

"I have always been excited about collaborative work, culture, creating and traveling, but motherhood also changed the way I relate to the world.”

Our second stop introduced us to Andrea Cesarman, a visionary in design and architecture who has helped shape Mexican design for the past 30 years. 

The current Director of Design Week México, the annual event that serves as a platform for showcasing the talents of Mexican designers, promoting design trends within the country, and bringing together the creative minds that drive innovation. It was under the leadership of Andrea that Mexico would later go on to win the title of World Design Capital in 2018.

In this exciting episode, Andrea spoke in-depth about Mexican design and creativity, how sustainability is a growing concern in the industry, and what measures she takes to ensure that sustainable practices are incorporated into every project she undertakes.

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